Stahl Ratte

Dec 14 2010
The next destination for the 3 Portuguese backpackers staying at the same hostel as us, in Cali, Colombia is Central America. Upon finding out about our story, they would like to know our advice on the best things to do in that part of the planet, which countries to pay more attention to, and whether Costa ...
Nov 24 2010
Today will be our last full day at the ship, with some final tasks to be completed, most important of which is the Stahl Ratte Video Shoot that everybody is going to participate in. The highlight of the day was the visit to a Columbian island, called Isla Fuerte. ~ OK interruption ~ I am now writing these ...
Nov 24 2010
Nooooo. It can not be day #7. We were just starting this journey, where has the whole week gone? To be fair, it does feel like a looong time ago when we boarded this ship. It captured our hearts as well as those of everyone onboard so much so that, we all started to believe this journey ...
Nov 24 2010
Yes, we are technically in Colombia right now, meaning we have past the Darien Gap, and the South American leg of our trip has officially started. Yaaay. The small Colombia government office located in this small little fishing village called Sapzurro, did not need to see us to ...
Nov 24 2010
Another regular day at the paradise. This time, missing the sunrise, I wake up at 8 AM, probably because we had a nice long chat with the main skipper Roli the night before. After a short sailing period, we stop at a nice Kuna village. Using our boat's small little ...

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