Friends on the way

Posted 12 Jul 2010
This post has been updated on 2011.08.04 to show the latest status.

This post is dedicated to our friends we met on the way, in no particular order:

x – Modern Gonzo. Is there any place you have not set your foot on? Is earth large enough for you? Are you tired of expanding your horizons yet? I am sure, your answer to each and every one of these questions is a big NO, and I like it that way. Here’s to your crazy life buddy, and here’s to your friend’s fantastic video. Thanks for being who you are ! You inspire us constantly.

x – Lucas & Jasmin. How can a couple be this compatible? You guys rock. Your pictures and blog are a must-see for any avid adventurer. Always a pleasure to cook barbeque with !

x - Another Villa Kunterbunt experience, this time it’s our wonderful seriously-crazy friend Claus. Driving his jeep in the unlikeliest places, including Amazon forests, African villages and Middle Eastern rock-cities home to desert-outlaws, Claus is sure to be the winner of any table playing the game: “Whose travel stories are the craziest?”.

x – Villa Kunterbunt in Valparaiso, Chile was home to many travellers, especially the crazy ones choosing motorcycle or some kind of a special-made car/caravan/jeep. Harald and Konstanze were two of those crazy ones, riding two motorbikes, the legendary Honda Afrika Twin and Honda TransAlp. You can’t go wrong with either of these.

x – Maria and her partner. Out of all the possible places in South America, we met them at the Lago Colorada, in the desert of Uyuni, towards the end of our 3-day off-road tour. It’s next to impossible to see a single vehicle in this road, yet we managed to come across another biker couple. Que lindo ! Expedixion Pachamama

x - Paul Kage from the good old Alemania. Rides an old BMW, and his stories never end. His web site reads as: alt eisen auf reisen, meaning: old metal on travel, paying homage to his 20+ year-old bike.

x – Guido Muller. Rides a BMW Dakar, with a nice horn. Met @ the Villa Kunterbunt hoste in the lovely city of Valparaiso in Chile. Let me warn you, he is a character.

x – Stefanie y Jonathan: A wonderful young couple living in the fantastic coastal town of Taltal in Chile. They are so full of life, it’s impossible to be affected by their energy. Their son is also growing up very quickly. We were fortunate enough to setup our tent in their soon-to-be living room. Their fotos are @

x – Dachary and Kay. Meeting them when we crossed over to Bolivia, from Peru, we had a lot in common with our new friends. Using two BMW 650 bikes, they send a big message to the corporate world: “We are against the system, and we’ll make sure we’ll win”. They obviously are the leaders at this point, in this intense match. Go, check them out @

x – Matthieu Tallard. A solo traveller with his jeep, from Quebec, Canada. His favorite part of the entire trip has been the Yukon Territoty in Canada.

x – Oliver Paps. An ultra-amusing soul from Germany, with the heart of a lion, and the laugh of a 1-year-old. Loves and lives life to the fullest. Seeing his default smile will lift your feet off the ground. Did we mention he is the most professional photographer we have ever met?

x – Ornella & Fabian. Yet another crazy couple, from Switzerland, riding their Wolkswagen caravan from Alaska to Argentina. They are crazier than us. Follow their adventures @

x – Rafael & Dorota. A full-of-life couple from Poland, riding on one BMW F650. We met in Hostal Belmont, in Quito, Ecuador. Amazing couple, lots of energy !

x – Benno Bachmann. A highly-energetic, fun, fast, adventure-traveller, trekker from Switzerland. We met at the Escuela El Portal, Spanish language school in Xela, Guatemala. Travels quite fast on foot, takes seriously great great photos.

x – Alberto. A couple from Salt Spring Island, Canada, travelling on two BMW F650 bikes. We saw their bikes parked in the parking lot of Mitad del Mundo, Ecuador. They are going south as well. Their blog is updated almost daily.

x – Yaniv & Erika: The film-maker couple from USA, riding two BMW F-650′s. Just like us, finally, a couple on 2 bikes ! We met in Quito’s Mariscal area, while we were sipping our cold beers.

x – Engin Kaban. Solo-traveller, the Brave Turk Juan. Brilliant friend, simply crazy soul.

x – Gary DuBois & Rogers. Buddy-travellers: Gary & Rogers, both from US. One KLR, one Suzuki V-Strom. Connected @ Stahl Ratte, the Panama-to-Columbia-crossing-boat

x – Glendon. Uses a green KLR (same bike as ours). Travels solo. From Edmonton, Canada ! Yaay ! Probably we’ll go to the same Spanish class he will be attending in Guatemala. (update on 2010.12.01: He is by far the most unluckiest rider on the planet. His KLR burned down in Guatemala, his new bike from Mexico had documentation issues. He had to re-sell that one after only having it for 1 week or so. Currently he’s having a new bike shipped from Vancouver to Bogota, Columbia)

If you’ve watched the movie “Catch Me If You Can”, Glendon is the 2nd mouse.

If you don’t know the story, here goes:

So there were these 2 mice that fell into a bucket of milk.

The first mouse realizing the trouble he’s in, see it was hopeless and just gave up and drowned.

The second mouse, wanted to live and kept trashing around, paddling and swimming around and around…

he never gave up….

He churned that milk so much that it turned to butter.

Then he was able to climb out of the bucket.

Now, which one are you?

x – Herminio Perez. We stayed @ same hostel in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua: Hostel Esperanza.

x – Misery Goat Mark. One man and his bike. But, what a bike! A super-custom KTM, probably lighter than a feather. We stayed @ same hostel in Guatemala, but more importantly, we used the same boat Stahl Ratte, to cross from Panama to Columbia.

x – BJ and Taylor. Two folks, using KLR (yuppie)

x – Lorenz. Another KTM-rider, from Europe this time. Flew his bike to Alaska, and currently riding down to Argentina.

x – Kevin. Uses a nice BMW R1200 GS. Travels solo. From Vancouver, Canada ! Yaay, how cool is that !

We are all within 500 km’s of each other ;) which makes it all the more interesting (as Kevin approached us yesterday -we were seeing him for the first time in our lives- and said ‘how is turkey?’ which was shocking for us, as he already knew about us from Andy and Jana!!!)

x – Andy & Jana. From Whistler. Travelling on 1 bike, a nice Honda Afrika Twin. Hoping to hear from them soon, for their stories.

Here’s the photo of the day:

These folks were recording a couple songs on a cool Sunday morning @ their auto repair shop. No kidding !

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